Patient Access

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Patient Access connects you to our services when you need them most. You can pre-book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and discover local health services for you or your family via your mobile or home computer.

Book appointments

Book face-to-face or remote online appointments with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you

Order repeat prescriptions

Order your repeat prescriptions online, with convenient delivery of your prescription to your local pharmacy

Share your medical record

Securely share your information with healthcare professionals of your choosing, without the need to contact your practice.

How to request patient access ?


What is eConsult?
It is an new way to request medical care and fit notes at a time convenient to you. You can complete an eConsult form anytime and there is no need to be waiting on the telephone on hold to arrange an appointment, and the surgery will get back to you within a stated timeframe. It enables you to provide key information about your condition before your appointment which is really helpful to doctors and nurses. Also improves telephone access for vulnerable patients who can’t use online services by decreasing phone call waiting times.
Where can I get help in using eConsult?
The form will provide you with instructions on how to complete it as you fill it in, and you can also watch this tutorial on YouTube for more information –
Is it easy to use eConsult?
Yes – it is as straightforward as using online shopping, banking or social media.
Does eConsult mean I won’t see my GP?
If you need to have a GP consultation, you will still have one with your GP (or another clinician at the practice if necessary). All eConsults submitted relating to a health issue will be looked at by a clinician, who will decide next course of action. If you need a consultation with a GP, you’ll have one (it could be in person, over the phone or through a video consultation). Admin requests e.g. fit note requests may be looked at by a member of the admin team, freeing up the doctors’ time.
Do I need an account and password?
No, you just use the eConsult portal on the GP surgery website. New feature includes NHS Login which means that you can use your existing NHS password to submit an eConsult. That helps practices match your online consultation with your previous records. Another way to submit an eConsult is through the NHS App.

How can I use eConsult when I don’t have a computer, tablet or smartphone?
eConsult is only available online, but you can still telephone the GP surgery in the same way you always have. Practice receptionists will talk you through a questionnaire and complete an eConsult on your behalf if you do not have online access.